Saturday, April 22nd, 2017
Sunnyslope High School (in Dan Mannix Gymnasium)
35 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Cost: Pay by Saturday, April 15th and cost is $30 for any two events or $45 for ALL events. After Saturday, April 15th cost is $40 for any two events or $55 for ALL events. Spectator entry is $4 per spectator (13 yrs & older). All payments can be made with cash or check made payable to YWU.
Tentative Schedule (subject to change):
08:00AM Tourney Set-Up
08:30AM Doors Open
09:00AM Ultimate forms submission (3 forms) for seeding purposes only
10:00AM Opening Ceremonies
10:15AM Regular Forms Competition
12:00PM Sparring Competition
02:00PM Board Breaking & Ultimate Forms Competition
RINGS for each competitor will be put together based on age, rank and size (if necessary).

FORMS competition consists of students performing one testing form of their choice (a form that is on their current or most recent test) against other students in their division. Black belts are only eligible to do any named form (Koreo and above).

SPARRING competition consists of students sparring 2 one-minute rounds with a 30 second break in between. Three judges will score the continuous fight and will determine a winner or a tie at the end of two rounds. If there is a tie, a 3rd one-minute round will determine the winner. Community sparring gear will be available to borrow for all competitors who do not have a set of YWU approved sparring gear. Students will need a mouthpiece (or they can purchase one at the event for $2).  Male students are required to wear a protective cup (they will NOT be available on site for purchase).

BOARD BREAKING competition consists of students of all ages breaking FOUR single boards (provided at the event). Contact us for additional details. We will potentially have youth and adult divisions in this competition.

ULTIMATE FORMS competition consists of students performing three forms of their choice and then being seeded for a head-to-head bracket style forms competition against many different ranks.

TOURNAMENT SHIRTS will be available for sale prior to the tournament. Cost for a tournament shirt is $18 ($2 extra for each X after XL). All tournament shirt payments must be received by Saturday, April 15th.


1. SIGN UP & TURN IN your form and payment to your instructor ASAP!

2. PLEASE HELP BY GETTING SPONSORSSponsors pay for the FREE entry of students so that no student has a reason not to compete. They also keep the overall cost per competitor low by helping to provide the necessary funds for the tournament such as space rental for the event, medals, ribbons, boards, ring supplies, programs, etc. Everyone always steps up and makes the tournament a HUGE success, we are counting on YOU!

See the attached form for sponsorship. Sponsors can be businesses, schools, family member, individuals, etc. They provide FREE entry for competitors and a tournament that everyone can enjoy. In return for their support, sponsors will receive advertisement for their business and a tax deduction.
3. Let us know if you have any items available to RAFFLE. We currently have a samurai sword, foam nunchuks and some other stuff — we are always looking for more items to raffle. In the past we have had items such as candle sets, lotion/soap sets, Arizona food packages, coupons for free food, t-shirts, derby cars, belt racks, etc. The raffle items do not have to be karate related. Please let us know if you have anything you would consider raffling at the tournament.

4. MOTIVATE & ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO PARTICIPATE!!! The tournament is only a success with competitors.Please let us know if you have any questions about this event. This day is a festival that all students (from white belts to black belts and from young to old) can participate in and gain valuable experience and encouragement.  Thank you for your loyalty, dedication and support.

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